The first handheld 3D scanner which scans almost anything

For objects of any size

3-in-1 3D scanner

Drake is the first wireless handheld 3D scanner for objects of any size.


3 lens sets allow the scanner to digitize objects as small as a coin and as large as a tractor.

3 sets of Interchangeable Lenses

  • Drake Mini has the smallest field and depth of view but can scan up from 1cm sized objects with the highest accuracy (up to 40 microns) and resolution (up to 0.15 mm).
  • Drake Midi allows scanning up to 3m sized objects, such as parts of human body, sculptures, automotive spare parts and other complex shapes.
  • Drake Maxi has the largest field and depth of view, and can easily scan large (up to 8m in length) objects such as cars, boats, and even planes quickly and accurately.

Watch demo

Thor3D’s Drake Scanner