Our sales department offer best suited technology product of Solutionix & 3D Systems to customers based on their applications.

ACAD Technologies Dealership

3D Scanners

Thor3D’s Drake 3D scanner

Thor3D’s Drakefirst wireless handheld 3D scanner

3 lens sets allow the scanner to digitize objects as small as a coin and as large as a tractor.

Thor3D’s CalibryLightweight 3D scanner

Calibry meant to capture medium and large objects (from 20cm to 10m in length). It was specifically designed to make professional quality available to engineers, medical professionals and educators.

Solutionix C500

Solutionix C500A High-Performance, Cost-Effective Solution

Solutionix C500 has three different sensors each with a unique measuring area. The sensors are easily interchangeable and have a range from 90mm to 350mm.


Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design XThe Ultimate 3D Scan-to-CAD Solution

The Fastest Path from 3D Scans to Your CAD Software.

Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control XComplete Metrology Automation Platform

Perform fast, accurate graphical comparisons between digital reference models

Geomagic Wrap

Geomagic WrapScan it, Mesh it, Surface it in minutes

Powerful toolbox to transform 3D scan data and imported files into 3D models for immediate use downstream.