What we could do for you?

We provide high quality and easy-to-use 3D White Light scanning solutions to the industry. If
  • You have a prototype but no blueprint?
  • Need to remake an old part that the OEM doesn’t even have a drawing for, let alone have in stock?
  • Your ISO 9000 system requires that you define the product you make?
  • You are in the aftermarket parts business?
  • Do you want to ensure your product being produced to your standards?

If so, we offer numerous ways to define parts or product, ACADTECH provides everything from raw measurement data to parametric engineering drawings that correspond to a 3D CAD solid model!

Our Services

3D White Light Scanning

High Resolution & more accurate

White light scanners are usually tripod-mounted, where a fringe pattern is generated by scanner’s projector and is laid over an area at a time over the scan object. Within the scanning time, the fringe is modified in width and phase and the 3D scanner extracts the 3D coordinates from calculating the returned patterns. The term “white light” comes from the fact that the bulb is a white light generator. Recently, blue LED light is being used as a replacement so the term may need to accommodate blue light scanning. A more general description is called structured light scanning, which covers all colors.

In summary, each technology has their own strengths and weaknesses. Selecting which type of technology most suitable for your project largely depends on project requirements

  • Scanning object,
  • Scanning environment,
  • Accuracy,
  • Resolution
  • As well as downstream application
  • What the user intends to do with the 3D scan data