B-Class And A-Class Surfacing

We specialize in building freeform Nurbs surface models either from scratch or from digitized point clouds. Our Nurbs models will cater your every surfacing requirement and will be in accordance with the accuracy requirements of your project. The looks of our Nurbs surface models are highly pleasing; both with respect to reflectiveness as well as general aesthetics. Our surfaces can be classified as high class B surfaces. We also offer “class A”, the highest quality of surface modeling. These types of surfaces are used generally in car body exteriors where looks and reflective properties are of the utmost importance.


  • Highest quality “Class A” – high cost, high quality.
  • Rapid surfacing available – low cost, low quality
  • High quality “Class B” surface models
  • Made either from scratch or point cloud data
Rapid Surfacing

We also provide services in “Rapid surfacing”. This process builds a Nurbs surface model over a digitized point cloud which has first been converted to a polygonal model. This is faster and cheaper than conventional surface modeling. There is some compromise to be made though, as far as quality and looks go.

Generally it is considered a “quick and dirty” method of surfacing, and is generally used for projects with lower quality standards.

Rapid Surface for – Packaging Companies

We know that in the packaging industry time and material is important. The faster you can create a new package the faster it can go into production. It is also important to make packages that fit as securely as possible and use the least amount of material in order to reduce costs. If you have a 3D digitized model ,you no longer need to build your part from scratch. You can be confident knowing you have created the most efficient design possible.